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An Attorney Can Help With Child Custody in Huntington NY

Today, it is increasingly common for unmarried couples to have children. In the event of a break-up, custody arrangements must be made to prevent controversy and litigation. Regardless of a couple's marital status, judges base custody decisions on the child's best interests.

If the Father Seeks Custody

In the US, an unwed mother has presumptive custody from the moment of a child's birth. Even in cases where the father signs a birth certificate, they do not automatically have Child Custody Huntington NY. To gain custody of a child, an unwed father must prove to the court his active role in childrearing. When a judge makes a decision, they consider:

The child's relationship with both parents

Each parent's childrearing skills and home environment

Each parent's temperament and character

The child's emotional ties to the parents

Where the child is currently living

Each parent's level of employment and financial status

The parents' reasons for wanting custody

Custody Agreements Between Unwed Parents

Except in cases of mental/physical abuse or neglect, experts believe that both parents should take a role in childrearing. Even if two people are no longer romantically involved, they are still connected through their children-;and should make a good-faith effort to come to a custody agreement. If you want a fair arrangement but do not wish to deal with your ex, a child custody attorney can be your go-between.

Child Custody and Visitation

In some cases, a child psychologist is hired to assess how well the child is adjusting to their home environment. Older children's opinions are almost always considered, and parents are subject to scrutiny. A parent's criminal activity, alcohol or drug addiction, emotional and physical health and many other factors are considered. A family court makes decisions as to visitation schedules and rights for both parents. Most courts work under the assumption that equal time with both parents is best, unless circumstances prove otherwise.

Child visitation and custody agreements aren't easy, even under the best of circumstances. They present extra difficulties when parents are not legally married. If you want to deal with your ex in a fair and civil manner, a Child Custody Huntington NY attorney can help.

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